1. carshowaaron:

    Albany Lions Show 6-23-13

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  5. mikelarremore:

    Moira - February, 2014 - Portland, Oregon
    Glass Reflection - Single Exposure


  6. provia:

    some slides i got back recently

    in march 2012 erich and i spontaneously grabbed a bunch of food and had a picnic at the “secret spot” on skyline drive. the sun set as i ate pb+j and slices of pineapple and we had a great time together. i’d love to do this again.

    i have no idea why some of the images are multiple exposures but i’m not upset by it. part of the fun of shooting film is not knowing exactly how your image will turn out.

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  7. extra-exposure:

    Burnside Skate Park Nude - September, 2011 - Portland, Oregon


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  9. extra-exposure:

    Bamboo - August, 2011 - Portland, Oregon


  10. extra-exposure:

    Cusswords - May, 2013 - Denver, Colorado